Monday, November 10, 2003

Microsoft offers $5M in rewards vs. virus writers - Nov. 5, 2003*

I feel it's more of a image building measure than a security amendment from Microsoft's end. Keeping in mind the Liberty vs Money battle of software hoarder and open source advocates, it's hard to purue hackers - the actual driving force of OS phenomenon. May be M$ can gauge some kids from the league but I still say Gates is not offering real money yet, ZD! Just read this again:

"This could totally backfire," said Richard Williams, strategist for Summit Analytic Partners, a research firm that focuses on software. "Virus writers are very much driven by the same motivation that makes people climb mountains. To put a bounty on their heads will just increase their notoriety and increase their ego."

On the side note: If you've hailed India's recent progress enough, try to look around, chances are you may find some small Island making waves in the IT ocean! BusinessWeek

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