Tuesday, November 04, 2003

i have a little something to say about PTCL and its services ... it happened abt a week ago when i was trying to get Ufone's headquarter's telephone number.... thinking highly of PTCL's somewhat newly established Call center... i decided to check out the services... (i knw... my mistake!) ...well i called 17... after only a few seconds wait... ( a first for me as far as 17 is concerned!) the operator on line #4 came online... well... instead of saying hello to me ... i heard the gracious gentleman talking to 'Nazia' (another operator i presumed) and was kind enough to ask'Nazia' why her eyes seemed so puffy... and i in the meanwhile waited for him to end his trivialities... after a lapse of one minute (which for a contact/call center is important) the gentleman asks me wht my trouble is... i quietly asked for ufone's number... i was asked to hold ... and while on HOLD... i heard the kind gentleman again asking 'Nazia' wht she had brought for lunch (the incident occured on Oct 27th)... and by accident the gentleman remembered (very gracious of him...i might add!) tht i was on Hold... he asked me wht my query was.... and then he asked his colleague to 'get' Ufone's number.... after another long wait i was told to call again in a few minutes... and the phone was then hung up....

So i called again.... this time the same fellow picked up the phone... i asked him again and this time told him i needed the number for an article... he then said there was a problem with the computer so i should call again.... the third time i called, a female operator on line # 1 picked up the phone... after i took the number, i complained abt the fellow i talked to before... and the reply i got was.... that i had the number NOW!!!

hmmm now this is wht i call great service! three cheers for PTCL!!

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