Thursday, March 23, 2006

How to access Blogger (.blogspot) sites

You can access your blogger blog (or any other blogger site) via or simply

For example spider blog ( can be accessed at

Happy Browsing :)


Sameer Durrani said...

Thanks a lot for posting this tip.... It really really really helped me..
I work in an area where i can easily access blogspot..but my friends couldnt ..from their areas.. and then i saw this on your website after so many days ...

Thanks a lot..

Btw How long will the ban continue?? Any idea..

Abdulrahman Rafiq said...

It is one thing blocking political blogs and a another blocking non-political professional blogs which have a purpose to develop the countries scientific and political culture.

PakSEF is a non-political, non-religious professional organization with its missiont o develop the countries scientific culture from the grassroots. It is utterly appauling that our Scitech Wire blog is blocked becauase it is part of the network. A network own and run by google, Inc.

As President and Founder of the Pakistan Science and Engineering Foundation I request that PTA and PTCL re-evaluate it's censorship mandate and remove sites and blogs that have a constructive mandate for the development of Pakistan's Scientific Culture.

Kind Regards,

Abdulrahman Rafiq

Fariha Akhtar said...

I was wondering if the blogspot ban has been lifted because I can now access all the blogspot blogs without using ne proxy service.