Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cartoon contest and counter-contest Online now

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - An Iranian newspaper's contest for cartoons about the Holocaust, launched Monday in response to a series of caricatures about the Prophet Mohammed, has already drawn at least two entries - one from Brazil and one from Australia, the paper said. Hamshahri, one of Iran's top five newspapers, said its contest was a test of the Western world's readiness to print cartoons about the Nazi slaughter of 6 million Jews in World War II. It called for cartoons under the title: ``What is the Limit of Western Freedom of Expression?''
Israel Launches SEO Contest Against Iran Holocaust Cartoons
In response to Iran's best-selling newspaper announcing a competition to find the best cartoons about the Holocaust, the Israel News Agency launched an SEO - Internet search engine optimization marketing contest to prevent Iran news Websites from reaching top positions in Google. "When I heard that a newspaper in Iran was now holding a cartoon contest on the Holocaust, I knew that SEO would be the most potent tool in combating it," said Joel Leyden, publisher of the Israel News Agency. "That 12 winners in Iran would have their Holocaust cartoons published and would receive two gold coins (worth about $140 each) as a prize, I donned my SEO Israel Defense Forces uniform, cocked and loaded my keyboard. There is no way that Iran will spit on the graves of over 6 million Jews who perished in the Holocaust."



Merlinx said...

They did something stupid, sinful and insensitive, so now we're going to get even by out-doing them with far more stupid, sinful and insensitive things?

The quality of the human gene pool has seriously degraded.

Yasir said...

hmm you dont seem to get the idea, its just to show that the west has double standards about almost everything, if they can disgrace more than 1 billion alive and billions of dead people in the name of freedom of expression, why arent they willing to do the same for mere 6 million dead and a few million more alive in the name of freedom of expression!!!!!!!!?????????
think about it, the reactions show clearly of the double standards they have. The same news paper (Jyllands-Posten) when has announced that they will publish these holocaust cartoons too, has to send the cultural editor (Mr. Flemming Rose) on indefinate leave (the man who initiated the previous set of cartoons), is that freedom of expression?
give it some time, Iranian ploy has effectively unveiled them!! hasnt it?
Best Regards

Merlinx said...

I get the idea perfectly. What I find the most silly and distasteful is that we seem to be conducting ourselves by the same set of standards as them, both for better AND worse. Does it make a rat's ass of a difference what they think of Islam's Prophet (PBUH)?

I have one very simple, plain question in all of this protesting ranging from the demonstrations to the stone throwing and burning down of public structures and finally this spitting match: What exactly has been achieved from either a religious or even a worldly standpoint? Do you think that Allah Almighty is going to Grant all these idiots who are busy with this rioting, pillaging and mayhem heaven for this? It doesn't make a difference if it is one dead person, one million people slain in a holocaust, or one billion people's convictions diced. I don't know about your religion bro, but in my books, making fun of someone who was brutally slain, even if she or he is my enemy, just to vent my anger at my religion being ridiculed really doesn't score me any points in God's Eyes and it is a sin, no matter how good it may make you feel about yourself.

And from a worldly perspective, what has exactly been proven? By acting as they have, have you earned any respect? Have you brought people closer to your religion?

When you talking about "showing that the west has double standards", who are you showing? To ourselves? To them? If we assume we already know it is pointless. And if it is to show them, hell, they don't really care. All the Muslim world has done has damaged property and life on its own turf to express its anger -- and the west is laughing its head off. Just look at their media and sitcoms snivelling at you, and you'll know.

Do YOU get the idea -- they find a cheap way to insult you, and you retaliate by shooting a hole in your own foot just because you're wearing shoes that you bought from them. Very astute. Very enlightened. Very Islamic.

Zunaira said...

By torching our own property, scaring the hell out of our own people, and forcing our children on the streets to riot, ransack and run amock--that's how we think we will get the West to BOW DOWN AND SUBMIT to us??

No it doesn't make sense and if I'm a goverment in one of these snotty places, I would probably think I "pulled one off" and then go on to make sure I do everything in my power to annoy you even more.

I can see where our frustration comes from. We all see red in front of our eyes when a picture, movie or commentary depicts Muslims nothing more than uncouth bedouins, slaughterers and women-killers. Do I run over to the American Embassy and burn their flag? What would that achieve? And no, this isn't about enlightened moderation! This is about trying to score a point with the world at large. We aren't getting a positive reaction to our voilent outbursts.

Go over to the any discussion forum where this issue is being discussed. Every one is bent on justifying their opinion. Every one is the smarter alec of the other. From 'screw you' to 'yea, some peace your religion preaches, you all are just hypocrites' prevail. We're being labelled 'narrow minded' for not withstanding insulting jokes poked at us, 'why can't you ignore some newspaper?' is another popular remark.

The West isn't changing their mind because we're attacking our own country. Their Presidents are not coming over to bow their heads in shame and issue a unanimous apology. They are standing on the sidelines laughing out loud watching us get hurt and killed by our own hands.

Why couldn't all the bearded men be more manly and bombard intelligent, serious commentary, programming, propaganda to the news media at large--play this game like they do. And no, I'm not calling upon forces of the Earth to poke fun at Jesus, holocaust or anything else.

Nope, we'd rather sit beseiged in our own city, scared for our lives :(

Anonymous said...

Merlinx said:
I don't know about your religion bro, but in my books, making fun of someone who was brutally slain, even if she or he is my enemy, just to vent my anger at my religion being ridiculed really doesn't score me any points in God's Eyes and it is a sin, no matter how good it may make you feel about yourself.


so u think that cartoons of holocaust would be a sin, and the same for the prophet of God isnt that big a deal. u r wrong ass.
and i definitely oppose those who have come out on the streets damaging their own stuff, they are probaby wrkin for their own agenda, that is to denounce islam. but that doesnt mean that there shouldnt be peaceful protests. we all have the right and should go and protest against these cartoons infront of the embassies of the culprit states.

those who say that we shouldnt protest and ignore these things, they r cowards who will probably sit when somebody disrespects their mom, but for us muslims our prophet is much more than our parents and we have a right to retaliate.

and wat actually is holocaust, nothin, just a story , a myth, and even if it were true , then wat the heck, israel has been killin palestinians for so long, nobody talks about them, and if hitler did really kill these stinkin jews, then thats one deed for which he will be termed a good man, and we need someone like him rite now.

Yasir said...

I am not that good as you people are in english, and kind of happy for it after reading you replies, for i haven’t got lost in words, again i’m sorry for getting personal but cant help it really
All i wanted to say was that the motive behind the competition being held by the Iranian newspaper is not evil or stupid, however the rioting, stoning, and burning public property is not only stupid but its hurting the cause, i admit.
But the spitting match as you call is a mere competition displaying our hatred, its something defendable as put forward by Davood Kazemi, executive manager of the contest and cartoon editor at the Iranian paper "We don't intend retaliation over the drawings of the prophet. We just want to show that freedom is restricted in the West".
[“Freedom of Expression" is probably the most quoted proverb in the overall European response to the sacrilegious Danish cartoons.
Check out following links to see how Europe responded to some of those who tried this freedom previously. It’s sickening to observe the double standards that these "Champions of Free Thought" keep.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Irving#Persona_non_grata ] ( someone submitted it at a group i am subscribed at)

The people who have been mentioned here were being racist, thats certainly sinful, but what if they are true, the very foundations of Israel are shaken, challenging the 1 of the 2 states created in the name of the religion, and i don’t think you will disagree that ideological foundations are critical to nations, at least to me they are, because i am living in the second state created in the name of the religion. So this is the fear that they have, and are willing to utilize all there resources in defending it. You asked about my religion, i am a Muslim, and we have an even strict code asking us to respect others opinions, and religion. But if you are a Muslim then “Does it make a rat's ass of a difference what they think of Islam's Prophet (PBUH)?" does not make a bit of sense! I am not being the extremist here but there are certain things, on which there is no compromise, and the Grace of Prophet (PBUH) is one of them, if you doubt this then i need not say anything more........ Also I like to add that being called narrow minded for avoiding the hell is not a bad deal at all for a Muslim, and let me tell that the lowest form of belief for Muslims is to think of evil as bad in heart, beyond that there is no belief, and tolerating it in the name of FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION does take you beyond the boundary I think!!!! ( I am not the expert on the topic but these aren’t my thoughts exactly but that of a learned man)

Then coming to the point of this being a spitting match, the two issues are not at all equivalent. On one side you are you are disgracing the very foundations of one religion, making fun just because of the hatred you have for the other party and mind you this in Islam is to be dealt with Iron hand, the holocaust cartoon competition may seem reactionary but it concerns one of the incidents that are part of history, and as the winners write the history so the part of history they have written as winners is doubtful, if its not why banning people who are trying to investigate, let the world see if its true and then shut up. Investigating history and messing inside religion are two entirely different issues so don’t be shameful for it.

I am however concerned deeply the way the general public has responded, this is not helping the cause, we need to redirect the anger in a more positive direction.

Get insulted and sit like shameless people, I wasn’t being astute, enlightened, and Islamic but what do you suggest we do!!!!!!!!!! If you know anything except making fun of people who are trying to put up a fight, I will be glad to hear

Anonymous said...

what the fuck has all this have to with the IT scene in Pakistan?...I thought this was an IT news site on pakistan-if I were to discuss or read on current affairs, I wudn't come here...so it's ridiculous to post such news items...sure things like there r good to grab attention of surfers...but that's a cheap strategy if that was the idea of the post....peace

Zunaira said...

The real world is reflecting in cyberspace. This was the simple message behind the post. You've seen how the week has been for us in Pakistan. What's making it crazier still are a spate of SMSes and spam emails in the country which I have no document of online Here's an article that probably reflects more along the same lines

If this post has caused you offence, sorry.

Merlinx said...

Dear Yasir,

Your language skills aren't the subject of the discussion here and I do not think anyone has made any implication to that effect either. The discussion is about ideals, motives and messages, so we are on equal turf here. :-)

To express our indignation is our right. I don't think anyone has an argument with that. I don't think anyone says you should sit shameless either. The whole debate here is about how we choose to do it. And this is not a debate between us and the West, it is something based on our own religious convictions and that fact that we have to face Allah based on our actions.

Try to understand that in the course of expressing our anger and indignation, we are breaking rules and committing acts in the name of the very Islam and Prophet (PBUH) whom have been insulted and we want vindication for. Don't you see something wrong with this picture?

We are angry and insulted because someone or some group has insulted someone we revere as the model of our life (PBUH). Agreed? Yet, we are breaking every rule in The Book (which He never did) and in the name of the very Religion He stood for.

What you are describing is nothing but plain revenge to feel better and equal the score. It has nothing to do with making right something that is wrong. "Freedom of expression" as you describe it is a Western concept, so you have no need to prove whether it is broken or not or what its consequences are. They make it, they break it. So what? It is their standard.

In order to protect your line from being crossed, are you willing to violate your own religion's doctrines? Isn't that a paradox? I cannot find any sur'ah in the Quran which justifies or supports the the way the Muslims are manifesting their anger. Can you? Because if you can, please do tell me which sur'ah it is, so I can read it and correct my own thinking.

I am not trying to engage in a war of words here with you. And I do share your indignation too. And I am also not afraid of anything. But at the end of the day, I cannot uphold the very religious tenets and convictions I believe in, if I break them in the name of saving them. I don't answer to anyone except Allah, and I do not believe He will forgive me if I break His rules in the name of avenging my religious honor. I do understand your message, and I hope you understand mine too. ;-)

And as for anonymous -- if you don't like it, don't read it. I am sure there are millions of posts out there worth your taste and time, so quit littering the space with your unwanted criticism.

Rauf Agha said...

Dear merlinx,

We had a similar discussion in october last year...

Here you can read briefly what Quran says about this:

Salam to all,

Dear Rauf,

I agree with you and Mashallah you have a deep insight into the
subject. It is a matter of dignity of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and
the whole Muslim Ummah.

Just think for a while If someone passes insulting comments on our
parents or any close relative, how would we react ?? Could we let
someone to do it for Prophet ( P.B.U.H ) ? It is the matter of how
should we respond to it individually as well as collectively ?

Rehman Adil

rauf_agha rauf_agha(AT)yahoo.com wrote:
Dear brother Asim and Ali Shah Sahab,
Assalamoeallaikum and Ramadhan Kareem!

Brother Asim your responses urged me to google the topic as my heart
could not accept that we should just sit and shouldn't do the least
i.e. protest against it in emails/media against those cartoons! I
understand your point of view but sometimes its necessary to explain a
critical topic, such as this one, in bit more detail

I am very most of us know that each and every verse of Quran has some
background, Shaan-e-Nuzool, The verses brother Asim have mentioned
are for certain occasions and 'mainly' Prophet
Sallalahoalleyheywasallam has been addressed to be patient and to
forgive the mischieves. But when it comes to the abuse of Prophet,
astaghfirullah, then it is the Sunnah of ALLAH, practice of ALLAH, to
denounce, to stigmatize and to very very strongly speak out against
the person or group of persons who are doing that.... If ALLAH Paak is
doing that then I am sure there's very verrry good reason behind that
for us to do that as well..innit?

Unfortunatley Quran is being used by many to pull muslims away from
Prophet! Moulvi very quickly start calling it Shirk and Biddah when
someone express his or her deep love in the form of 'Ya Rasool ALLAH'
or by reciting Naats/Nasheeds! They don't read what ALLAH is saying in
Surah Wa'duuha!! ..in Surah 'e Fajar and many other Chapters of
Quran!! For whom ALLAH is using those beautiful Istaa'ra? Not for me
and you, not for that Moulvi Mullah. Ofcourse ALLAH Paak is using
those for His beloved Prophet Muhamamd sallalahoalleyheywasalam....!

For a short example, lets read Surah Al-Lahab....It was revealed when
abu-Lahab raised his hand towards prophet and said ' Oh prophet, you
may destroy (astaghfirullah)you wasted our time...for this reason y ou
called us to get together here on this mountain..."

ALLAH Paak let disbelievers talk bad about ALLAH Himself, He hasnt
used strong words against them in this case and then Allah Has ordered
his prophet to keep silent and be patient against such remarks and
cruelities....BUT...a BIG BUT....ALLAH HIMSELF Takes that
responsibility and Defends His beloved, Mahboob, Prophet by revealing
the following surah at once on that occasion:

'Tabbat yada abi lahabiw watabb '
May the hand of Abu Lahab perish, doomed he is

'Maa aghna anhu maaluhu wamaa kasab'
His wealth and his gains shall not avail him

'Sayaslaa naarun dhata lahab '
He shall be plunged in a flaming fire

'Wum ra atuh - hummaa latal hatub '
And his wife; the carrier of firewood

'Fee jeedehaa hublum mim masad'
Shall have a rope of palm-leaf fibre round her neck.

Its obvious here that ALLAH not only defamed Abu-Lahab but his wife as
well....Usually you wont find remarks like

'Wum ra atuh - hummaa latal hatub '
And his wife; the carrier of firewood

Here ALLAH is defaming someone by taunting anyone like 'carrier of
firewood' or similar.....But when it comes to the disrespect of
Prophet sallalahoalleyheywsallam......ALLAH Gives such a punishment
and use such words that whole generations of such looser would suffer.
In the reference below you can even listen that Allah Paak Says that
the person who abuses or degrades Sarkar e do Aalam
sallalahoalleyheywasallam....that person is actually
misbegotten...Nutfatul Haram! ALLAH HU AKBAR!

So atleast I will do and urge you to do as well, as much as I can,
even if it's forwarding email to isalmic forums in Nordic countries or
atleast curse the group which is behind those cartoons.

Reference for the above material:
Speech Topic: Gustakhi e Rasool (SAW) aur mahabbat e Rasool (SAW)


People have spent their lives and lives in this research work...Just
google it if you wanna learn more or need more verfications from Quran
and Hadith...or much better meet some one in your region, Stockholm,
with some Muslim that has this love, meet persons like Hadi Shah Sahab
in Märsta www.madinah.se who have spent their lives in the love of
Prophet sallalahoalleyheywasallam, (along with professional

My friends, such Friends of ALLAH, Auliyaye Karam have first hand
knowledge and experience...go and feel it yourself....When it comes to
Ishq, abstraction speaks.....words and pens stop...they simply can't
express it...its some other world....some other abstract domain...

May ALLAH give us the life of Hadhrat Owais Qarni radia ALLAH and
death of Ghazi Ilm-ud-din Shaheed rahmatullah, amen.


Fahd Mirza said...

Ofcourse we Muslims are hurt, very angry, upon the uncalled-for and sinful act of cartoons by some scumbags, but we should make ourself that strong that nobody dare s to mock us.

Violent protest wont do anything useful.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Zunaira, apparently you forgot to read the declaration of your own group blog which clearly states "This group blog is aggregating supposedly insightful comments on Pakistani Internet and IT issues." The problem is not that it has caused me or anyone else offence, but the problem is that your post doesnt fit this blog. If you want to 'reflect real life in cyber space' issues here as you say, then please change the manifesto of your blog. Or delete your post and keep the manifesto. You can't have both things at the same time, coz then it wouldn't make sense. So as a regular reader of your blog, I'm very disappointed with your misplaced post.

A. I. Abbasi said...

well, public only get violent in protests when their own government dont pay heed to their stance.
If public dint show their anger in form of these protests, would you think that government called our Ambassador back from Denmark ?

Anonymous said...

Same here. This blog should not be used to serve as a vent for radical and belligerent muslims.