Wednesday, August 24, 2005

What's with Vista!

It's been some time since "Longhorn" the successor to Windows XP has been officially named Windows Vista.

I ponder does 'Vista' sound catchy or has M$ got a blooper on their hands? Though, the logo turns out to be pretty flashy.

MSDN subscribers can download the Beta right away. I'll try to get my hands on it for a preview for our lovely mag and readers of Spider ;)


Anonymous said...

I doubt any positive thing in Vista. Its just a damn old hack in a new wrapper. You can say it as "Gold Leaf kay packet main Babo ki Bere".

Grow up folks, move to Linux, the _TRUE_ Operating System. Its only a matter of time that Linux and OSX combinigly will replace the Windows monopoly !!

Sikander said...

I'd love to use Linux, or any other open source OS for that matter, but the only thing im afraid of is that they won't be compatible with most of the applications I use and my hardware. What if i uninstall windows and install Linux, and there are no drivers available for my usefull scanner, or printer, or whatever, I'll have to buy new compatible stuff. No way hosey.

Shayan Abdulrehman said...

Well, will have to wait for the final OS X port for X86-64 to release. Than we do see some serious competitions.

Secondly, recent Linux distro have been the most comfortable as they can get with auto USB device detection, auto hard drive mountings, DVD writing and what not.

Thirdly, most people may not be aware of is that major vendors do offer linux drivers of their products for free download. These include Intel, HP, Nvidia, ATI to name a few.

And the Linux community is thriving daily to bring cross-compatability.

DivineLight said...

yeah no doubt Linux is getting better day by day. If you are using Linux first time I reccommend leaving windows on HD too (dual boot). You can run many windows apps on Linux using WINE, I have seen people run World Of Warcraft, VisualStudio.NET etc on Linux using wine.
So be happy :)

LINUX rocks, you just need to be a true geek! :P