Saturday, April 30, 2005

Why do you blog?

I am asking bloggers this question: Why do you blog. Please answer here.


Asma said...

Assalamoalaykum w..w!

Seems like u r stick to this brand of questions :) How many times would you ask people :)

Anyways, why do I blog? My reasons are bit personal and emotional:) Well, sometimes you need catharsis to do, my form of catharsis is through writing, writing a ot whether it be poetry... some philosophies or whatever, and at times there are incidents coming and goin through life that u wnt to share with others, incidents you want replies of which ... so best way is to start blogging.
I used to keep a diary before, so it's not such a different idea... just that that was very persoanl ... i keep blog less personal :) but sharing is evrything and blogging helps in sharing, i would say!!

Wassalam n Allahhafiz

Kami said...

Seesh shirazi when will you stop demanding these answers from us poor bloggers?! your collecting cheap fodder for your so called "expert" articles!!

I blog because I can!! there!

Shirazi said...

Let us look at this way:

When I have a proposed articles, I post a question and ask those who are willing to answer. It not only give me a fooder (I don't think it is a cheap fodder though) and it helps me look in the direction I might not have though otherwise.

And answers are purely voluntry? No?

estarz said...

I think its a valid ?. A PhD candidate at the University of Chicago....just completed a research project as part of her thesis on pretty much the same thing. In fact I got in touch with her and she interviewed me via I.M. She is going to put everything together and send each participant her report.

- Ali