Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Blogspot ban continues - cyber activism on

It is indeed a sorry state of affairs that the Pakistani blogosphere has to get into anonymous surfing and proxy servers simply to read something completely harmless on other blogs. And if you can believe it, a proxy server being used to read blogs has also joined the list of banned websites.

I feel we should actively try and do something about it. Join the following Google group if you haven't already:

Action Group Against Blogspot Ban in Pakistan

The group right now is discussing whom to contact and where to send press releases. So jump right in!

In the meantime, freedom of expression (with responsibility of course) and Anonymouse rules!

Update 8th March 2006 => The Alvie Team comprising of Dr Awab Alvi (aka Teeth Maestro) and Omar Alvie have launched the Don't Block the Blog Campaign! The campaign formally began on 3rd March. Join in, if you haven't already!

Did anyone catch the News yesterday? Ethan Casey wrote on the blogspot ban. Read the whole article: Freedom of Speech is a Global Issue

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Abdul said...

One of the owners of the site that also got banned contacted me and disclosed some interesting information

Read this: http://dragonkeypress.com/blog/?p=971

Turkish cyber terrorists and the Pakistan Govt... interesting...