Thursday, February 09, 2006

Windows Live Custom Domains

Windows Live Custom Domains is a service to sign up your own domain for Windows Live services (email, hosting etc). This means that instead of using you can get the same service for and log in to Windows Live Mail (formerly Hotmail) to check your mail. If you have your own domain and want reliable email hosting, you can sign up now.

Currently the service is limited to email only but I have been testing out Domain Hosting as well (internal only for the time being) and it's better than any $30 web host out there (full backups, ample bandwidth and fast load times). I am not sure about the cost metrics around domain hosting but it could be a free, ad sponsored service.

Have a look at for other beta products and keep a watchful eye around the Windows Live initiative--it looks promising.

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Fahd Mirza said...

bit amazing to see a writer of penguin-loving magazine posting about windows.... :)