Saturday, February 04, 2006

IE 7 (beta 2) - Not Bad!

Yes, you can hear that coming from a Firefox fanatic - IE 7 (beta 2) - Not bad. I specially like the following feature and cannot wait until matching extensions are produced by the FF community to keep the tilt in favor of FF:
  1. View all Tabs button
  2. A 'close' button at every tab - makes it so easy to close the tab. Current FF implementation asks me to move my mouse between the red cross button and the tab I need to close so often.
  3. The ability to see the page in 100% or bigger or smaller as the need be
  4. The way the top area of the browser has been restricted to a few lines really makes a lot of viewable space for the website that is being visited.
  5. The ability to open a new tab by clicking a 'peaking' new tab right after the last tab! neat man!
  6. The ability to read the raw RSS and XML feeds. This will surely let the average RSS clue-less joe make use of the feature.
  7. The way the menus that have been shrinked to a side of the browser - really saves lots of wasted space.
Let's see when does this get out of beta (quite a permanent feature of Web 2.0 stuff).


Sikander said...

How are you guys running it, I downloaded it but it requires Genuine Windows Validation to run and I don't have a Genuine windows like 99% of the population of Pakistan. Any way to get through that barrier?

Zunaira said...

I second TM! I switched over from FF two years back. Having given IE 7 a spin, admittedly MS has been inspired for the good.

Particularly happy about losing the top menu (finally!)+you can pick between Google or MSN search box+handy refersh button next to the address bar instead of the silly 'Go' button+plenty of ways to play with the pageview+tabs (what a relief).

Sorry, I don't know about getting over the validation option. If some one does, please share.

Anonymous said...

Detailed instructions on how to bypass the Genuine Windows Validation check for IE7 installation can be found at here.

Instead of using WinRAR, you can also use WinZip to extract the files. I have verified this hack, and it works beautifully.

Abbas Halai said...

since you were having trouble with it, in FF you can close windows/tabs with ctrl-w, open a new tab with ctrl-t, select location/address bar with ctrl-l, select search bar with ctrl-k, and move between search engines with ctrl-up or ctrl-down. also the ability for firefox to highlight words and drag to a tab is brilliant. also the search for links/words is irreplaceable. ctrl-f or / will do a search for words. ' will do a search for links.

Sikander said...

Thanks, that validation thing if only I could find a universal crack that would help me get past the validation of ALLLLLLLLL the Microsoft software like Antispyware.....muwahahahahahah.

Fawad said...

There is a Firefox extension to place Close buttons on each tab, but I find the default a lot more comfortable. Moving he mouse to the fixed 'Close' button location is in my muscle memory, but I have to click at a different absolute screen location in the IE7 style of doing things.

In firefox, you can easily move everything to one line (Edit the toolbar, and add everything to the menu instead of a separate bar)

Double-clicking an empty area in the tab bar of FF creates a new tab.

That said, the view all tabs feature in IE7 sounds very cool.