Thursday, February 02, 2006

Google on a Roll!

There's been tons (literally!) of news about Google in the last ten days or so. First it was Google's refusal to give the US Department of Justice access to their user search records. Then it was Google doing censorship in China. Then it was Google missing their earnings target in their quarterly report, causing their stock to drop 10%.

Now, we know that Google really does have their own operating system -- a spinoff from Ubuntu Linux. The Register reported it in this article, with Google saying that it is for internal use only. Ars Technica also carried a similar story.

Then, we hear from eWeek in this article that Google might also be planning to go commercial on VOIP. Similar to what Skype is doing today with SkypeOut. Most likely they're doing this to generate another solid revenue stream -- since advertising is pretty much their only revenue model today.

Google's hat sure has more rabbits in it than we expect...


Abbas Halai said...

google denied the story from the register about producing an OS.

SQ said...

I have that link in my post. And I didn't say that they were distributing it -- I just that they have one (which both The Register and Ars Technica said). :-)