Saturday, February 11, 2006

Google - The Art of Playing it Right!

When Google was not as all-encompassing as it is today a few months (read years in Internet time), it played and to win the hearts of niche communities (college researchers and linux geeks). Now, with features, products and services enough to cause M$ execs sleepless nights here and there, Google still plays it right.

From a purely outsider's perspective, the true strength of Google is its ability to stay focused in its goals. Every move that Google makes seems so obvious (and natural!), one wonders why it arrived late. Google's Death will be delayed till it exhaust its ability to process information - or others (MS,Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay) learns to do the same (limitlessly process information).

Official Google Blog: Big mail on campus
We're testing a new service with the school by hosting Gmail accounts with SJCC domain addresses (like, plus admin tools for efficient account management. Massive storage and features that tame the most unruly inboxes, like powerful mail search, conversation view for messages, and a fast interface, make Gmail very handy for students. Together, we're pleased to provide this channel for better communications and a stronger community for all 10,000 SJCC students.

Update: Gmail is now available for custom domains! Though still in beta (and request-approval based), we can safely expect the feature to be available as permanent for all and sundry soon.

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