Saturday, January 14, 2006

Windows Live - Expo

MS returns with an answer for eBay as well as Google (recently announced) Base - Windows Live Expo. An online community intended for bying, selling and swapping. And of course, like the rest of the Web 2.0, its all Beta for now.

Windows Live Ideas – Product Page
What it is:
An online marketplace and social networking site

What it gives you:
• Free ads that are easy to post

• Browse through a wide range of categories ranging from merchandise,
events, personals and services

• Keep your dealings within a trusted network like your MSN Messenger Buddies , friends or co-workers; or open them up to anyone
• Find listings just in your area, nationwide or anywhere in between

• Add your listings to your MSN Space with one easy click

• Get detailed maps and directions for things like garage sales, homes for sale or concerts

• Communicate with people via MSN Messenger right from Expo’s site

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Fahd Mirza said...

Its nice to see constellation of spiders at one place.