Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Google Offers a Bird's-Eye View, and Some Governments Tremble

The New York Times carried this story about several governments becoming jittery at the thought of what Google Earth can freely provide. Excerpts from the article say:

India, whose laws sharply restrict satellite and aerial photography, has been particularly outspoken. "It could severely compromise a country's security," V. S. Ramamurthy, secretary in India's federal Department of Science and Technology, said of Google Earth. And India's surveyor general, Maj. Gen. M. Gopal Rao, said, "They ought to have asked us."

India may be particularly sensitive to security issues because of its long-running border disputes with Pakistan, its rival nuclear power, and recurring episodes of terrorism. Since 1967, it has forbidden aerial photographs of bridges, ports, refineries and military establishments, and outside companies and agencies are required to have those images evaluated by the government. High-resolution satellite photos face similar restrictions in India, which has its own sophisticated satellite imaging program.


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self said...

I'm reading it.

Sikander said...

me too. But the blog is getting boring, the contributors are lazy, either they should become active or you could allow new contributors.

Badar Khushnood said...

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farhaN Nocturnal said...

Google's bird's eye view is an old story though,

I have been on this site it has not got detailed aerial views of the cities.

In this age of satellites nothing is hidden, remember when Pakistan was about to test its nuclear devices , cnn had aired some aerial pictures showing military trucks heading towards the site of testing four days before the devices were tested.

India always moans,they tried to make things complex and wanna act like super powers.

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BHAI said...

count me in..i read your boring blogs time to time when i am bored. haha...j/k aleem, bhai he bhai,kya! time nahinch he apun ke paas!