Monday, November 14, 2005

WLL Companies vs. Cellular Companies

The Daily Times reports that DVCOM and other WLL licensees have filed a case in the Lahore High Court, demanding that their WLL license fees be returned.

The tussle is between the new WLL providers and the new and existing cellular companies. PTA is trying to restrict WLL mobility because of pressure from cellular companies. (If a WLL phone can used just like a cellular phone, and is cheaper, then the cellular companies will lose market share.)

A similar situation arose in India a while back, and the Indian telecom authorities did restrict WLL mobility so that cellular companies don't get hurt. Our WLL providers should stop whining and realize that they are supposed to provide a service meant to replace (and compete with) landlines -- not a service meant to replace (or compete with) cell phones.

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alias said...

If it's the PTA which is restricting the WLL companies' mobility, a case against them is fair game.