Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Whose Mind Do You Want to Read Today?

Yes, the blogging world is now after 'attention'. And it is in this connection that the RSS hype is now being followed by the Reading Lists. From Dave Winer's Blog:

"Reading lists are OPML documents that point to RSS feeds, like most of the OPML documents you find, but instead of subscribing to each feed in the document, the reader or aggregator subscribes to the OPML document itself. When the author of the OPML document adds a feed, the aggregator automatically checks that feed in its next scan, and (key point) when a feed is removed, the aggregator no longer checks that feed. THe editor of the OPML file can update all the subscribers by updating the OPML file. Think of it as sort of a mutual fund for subscriptions."

Reading Lists is a great idea but it makes me think if we will ever be left with enough opinion/technology leaders whose mind we could read & follow through their published reading lists?


Zunaira said...

More on RL at TechCrunch:

Coincidence on reading minds.

BBC Presenter Peter Day feels to read the world's mind, one needs to look at what we are typing into Google's search bar. Or close. Read the article here:

Merlinx said...

Old wine in a new bottle. Only more wine -- larger bottle.