Saturday, November 05, 2005

Google Desktop 2.0

Google Desktop 2.0 is finally out of the beta. My favorite list which previously included the ‘To Do’ panel has now two more members: Quick Launch (which I call windows ‘start button’ on steroids and done just the right way) and Dictionary Panel. However, the find-of-the-day panel is DNKA which allows me to set up a machine in my workplace where all of my team members can dump the official documents and we can then use the GDS search to find files from that server off our respective PCs browsers. The freeware panel is just the right thing that is needed by busy teams to get them to the right documents and needed information quickly.


Anonymous said...

wow somebody's life is so bloody exciting mate :p

Merlinx said...

Hmm. Has this blog gone cold? There have barely been two or three posts in the past two months? There used to be some very nice discussions here at one time. Now it's just gathering e-cobwebs.