Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What does Google have up its sleeve?

Google has recently hired on two serious big-wigs in the tech industry.

The first is Kai-Fu Lee, former vice-president at Microsoft. Microsoft in turn sued him and Google for violation of a non-compete agreement that Lee had signed when he became a VP. But as CNN/Money reported yesterday in this piece, the ruling judge cleared the way for Lee to be hired at Google as long as he does not work on projects that might relate to confidential information that he acquired while at Microsoft. He probably still is a very useful catch for Google.

The other is Vint Cerf. As BBC reports in this article, Cerf has been called the "father of the internet" for his pioneering work that he did to create what was Arpatech. As the Chief Evangelist, Cerf will be working on new applications and worry about what direction to take the net in... He will still remain the Chairman of ICANN.

So the multi-billion dollar question is...what tricks does Google have up its sleeve? What rabbit will Google pull out of its magic hat?


Razz said...

If I knew, I wouldn't be here ...

Anonymous said...

boy I so wanna know the answer to this billion 'dallar' question :p