Monday, May 02, 2005

9 Year Old Girl in Pakistan Is a Microsoft Certified Professional.

At just 9 years old, Arfa Karim Randhawa , of Faisalabad, Pakistan, is one of the youngest MCPs in the world.

The Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) credential is for technology professionals who have the skills to successfully implement a Microsoft product or technology as part of a business solution.

Arfa recently received her credentials from Emre Berkin, chairman of Microsoft's Europe, Middle East and Africa region, and Jawwad Rehman, Microsoft's country manager for Pakistan.

View: Arifa Karim Interview

Source: G3Technews via Microsoft.


Faraz said...

She is a brilliant child, no doubts about that.

But I believe that this achievement is a little premature for her. She still has about 8 more years of education left before she can graduate (general criteria for a position in IT) and by that time Microsoft would have revised their software and certifications about 5 times.

shuaib said...

Brilliant indeed. Even more at advocacy. Look at the way she has answered the questions in her interview. Probably developing a soft corner in bill's heart, well in advance before she gets ready to land at redmond. :)

Kashif Raza said...

This link does not exist on Microsoft site... Is it a fake news??

jason said...

hehe interesting:) if she is this smart at age its a talent born with and doesnt matter how much micro change she still will catch up after 8years

Anonymous said...

Well i have only one thing to say..... BRAINDUMPS ZINDABAD

Unaiza Nasim said...

oh wow!!!!! im such a dumb MS techie..may be i shud consult her:)
between, a barnch manager of my bank, her son did an MCP certification wen he was in 6th, hes in 9th grade nd he hardly knows nithng:)he doesnt even know wat MCP is:)

Anonymous said...

this is not a good approach, clearing out tech papers doesn't make you what these papers are meant for. really this is a joke ...rattu aur paper day do....can she implement the tehnology?

Zahid N. Sindhu said...

Leaves you wondering about how useful the ms certfications are, doesn't it? :)