Thursday, March 17, 2005

XP Starter Edition: Cheap and Poor

Microsoft has launched the XP started edition in India with the Hindi language interface. The XPSE is slated to match the Windows XPPE (the pirated edition).

I wonder when the Pakistan launch will happen? WinXP is about 8000 Pakistani Rs. here, which is just too expensive, especially considering a complete pc with a pirated OS is available for Rs. 20,000.
XP Starter Edition will allow users to execute only three programs at any given time and will display lower resolution graphics. The OS will lack multiple user accounts and home networking options.
...The company is also expects that cheaper software will discourage piracy, where the ratio of unlicensed software is five times greater than that of licensed copies.

Crippled? No networking options? Good luck to MS on this. Cheaper is one thing, but crippled?


Shuaib said...

Don't tell me KO that you are waiting for the Pakistani launch to happen. I mean, look at this package, it's just plain insulting.

May by it's the right time to ask this question. "What is it that's still keeping you people from switching to GNU/Linux?" It has matured enough to replace Windows. OK, some of you might say, "I have my special needs", let's see if anyone of you would elaborate as what are these special needs. Personally, I have seen that anything, that anyone of you can do on Windows, can be accomplished using GNU/Linux, but I bet there are plenty of things that can't be done on Windows, but are easily done on GNU/Linux. Plus, use OpenSource, and you won't be rated as a pirate either.

KO said...

Much as I like linux, there is no photo management software like Picasa avaiable for linux. Or video editing software.

For all else except games Linux is far better. It's easier then windows also - things just work with linux, and they don't mysteriously slow down or start crashing.

The Piracy aspect is the other main key. Once MS starts blocking pirated windows installation from windows update then it's not longer feasible to run a pirated windows pc, especially one connected to the internet. When fully patched up to date WinXP pcs are so unsecure, one a few months behing the curve would be a sitting duck for any script kiddy.

Shuaib said...

"Much as I like linux, there is no photo management software like Picasa avaiable for linux. Or video editing software."


It's right out there.

KO said...

Searched. Nothing comparable exists. Lphoto comes the closest, but it's clunky and buggy. See Iphoto for Mac for it's clone Picasa on the pc - they're miles ahead.

Shuaib said...

Check out "digiKam", for KDE.

For the video editing, check out the heavy weight Cinelerra.

Plus, check out, it has got a few more to offer.

BTW, I haven't used any of these softwares because I don't do photo/video management. So try at your own risk.

Do remember that in the OpenSource world, most of the work comes from volunteers, so you will have to give them some advantage while doing comparisons with the rest of the commercial world.

Sajjad said...

KO wrote: For all else except games ....

I've been doing some work on Linux gaming servers lately and once setup, you can forget about regularly having to reboot the machine or do time-consuming maintenance.

Well that's for the server side. On the desktop, I regularly play Windows games using Transgaming's WineX (recently renamed to Cedega) and though it doesn't support all the games out there, it works pretty well for me.