Friday, March 18, 2005

PTCL considering yet another relief package

The PTCL in January this year announced cut in international calls by over 20 percent - a second major relief offered by the state-owned telecom after July 2004.

The PTCL in July 2004 announced a relief package for domestic and commercial consumers including free-of-cost local calls during late night hours, reduced international and domestic tariffs and telephone installation fee and cuts in Internet bandwidth rates and other related services.

Is PTCL running a business or a refugee camp? It's things like these which shows they still just don't get it. At first I thought it was this particular newsreport, but on the PTCL website the words major relief package is plastered all over the place.

For those wondering what the it is that they don't get, it is the fact that all PTCL seems to do is charge till it bleeds and introduce nothing at all till they absolutely have to, and that too only with kicks from the govt. Relief packages!! PTCL has much lower costs than the cellular companies yet they still charge more. Their internet bandwidth costs are criminally high, and they regularly shaft the companies who're using their exhanges for DSL. So now they're going around providing relief - will someone wake them up and tell them the 21st century has been around for a while now? While I'm bashing PTCL, here is a must read rant by Shakir Husain: The customer strikes back:
Today is a brilliant day for me as I get to deprive my (at the time of print ex) cellular service provider of my hard earned money. Ladies and gentlemen, I just voted with my wallet. Mistreated, overcharged, ripped off, treated without an ounce of respect, and utterly exasperated; we, the customers, get to hit back for the first time. I have personally waited for about two years to dump my existing cellular company. For two years I have fumed every month when I've had to pay my ten grand plus to my service provider though I don't know if I can even call it that, because service is hardly what I've got for the past two years.

Read the whole thing.


Shaiq Bashir said...

This is all because of the fear that PTCL authorirties have in their thoughtfull minds. They just donot want to compete and they also donot know how to compete.

Except of decreasing the rates, i think that PTCL should try to improe its quality and behaviour with its customer.

S H A M I said...

hahah ! Shakir jeee ! just i want to say PTCL IS A FUCKING MACHINE thorugh which You, Me , all the mobile companies, ISP,s, Call centres, etc are being FUCKED.
Shakir jeee U r i know very busy person but i can give u some points about ptcl's monopoly and about its Minister LEGHARI KIDOO's Monopolistic Mind. believe me i m very close to PTCL and MInister. BUt if u reply me back ....
You are great writer ... ( COZ u always fucked ptcl in ur articles )
Keep Smiling