Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Google : Eye Tracking Consumer Response Study.

Two search marketing companies and an eye-tracking firm called Eyetools have produced one of the most interesting studies of consumer response to a Google results page.

By tracking eye movements, a picture emerges of the hot spots on a results pasge, outside of which a listing or sponsored listing is not likely to be noticed.

See the eye-opening (so to speak) screen shot here.

The study indicates that any listing below 7th place stands a less-than-50-percent chance of being seen. Sponsored ads become invisble to more than half of viewers if they are not in the top spot of the AdWords column. Intriguingly, most people’s eyes are glued to the left-hand side of the page, not even completing a scan of entire listings.

Read Article: Did-it, Enquiro,and Eyetools uncover Search’s Golden Triangle
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Arun Reginald said...

Google recently experimented with their GoogleX, OSX Dock-like thingy also; a move Apple didn't like. What is Google up to these days? Check this out.