Thursday, March 17, 2005


An Irish blogger is organizing a Blog Maraton - registered bloggers will have to put up a post every 30 minutes for 26.2 hours. The date is 1st April 2005, which has caused many people to term it as an April Fool's joke. However, since the lady is looking to the Guinness Book of World Records, I have a feeling that this Blogathon is very genuine. Check out the latest at Blog Marathon.


Shaiq Bashir said...


Well! i think one should not publish this type of stupid records on a blog like spider has.

Just think over it that! who has got so much time in this busy world to publish a post on a blog every 30 minutes. What more stupid can u expect from a Human being like this.

Its my personal advice that we should not involve ourselves in these useless activities.


Ahmed Bilal said...

I love freedom of speech :)

I, for one, hope as hell that this is no hoax (and till now it doesn't seem like one either), and will fervently participate and promote this blogathon (as much as a person can reasonably be expected to advertise something as 'silly' as this). However, I think we're missing the actual purpose of this whole show...

While this is obviously an attempt to get in the record books, it's also accomplishing something the online community has been slowly trying to achieve for the last 2 years or so: to promote blogs as a valuable medium of communication and information. As long as that purpose is served, I dont care how you promote it.

Just my two cents. By the way, love your work, just hope I can write for you guys sometimes :) (shameless plug? who? me? :) )