Saturday, February 12, 2005

Web-Browser Speed Benchmarks.

There is a speed war on the web. Browsers compete on many fronts; security, standards support, features and speed. Most people are aware of which major browser fails on three of these, but one of them is still open for grabs. Speed.

Many organisations and users try to claim that their browser is the fastest. The Opera site claims that Opera is The Fastest Browser on Earth!. The Mozilla site claims that Firefox 1.0 empowers you to browse faster (faster than what?). Mozilla itself is quoted as being an alternative to Microsoft IE and it's faster to boot. Apple's Safari pages claim that Safari loads pages more quickly than any other Mac web browser (although they failed to show any results for Opera, and their charts fail to show results for pages that contain images). Internet Explorer users often claim that they use it because of its speed, as the alternatives take longer to start and load pages.

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Results: Windows browsers | Linux browsers | Mac browsers

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Faraz Karamat said...
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Faraz Karamat said...

Internet browser technology greatly depends on the actual feed (data transfer speed of your internet connection). Besides this main factor, browsers can improve browsing experience by the way they process this data. All browsers have their on way of managing their cache and re-utilizing already downloaded content. When a browser claims it is faster than others, it usually means that the user inetrface allows some extra navigation tools to aid the user to browse in a more efficient manner. Like opera allows mouse gestures, 4C browser gives a forward preview as a thumbnail or screen grab of the links available and Avant browser allows the user to easily block Ads, Flash content and images to improve browsing speed. Opera often ends up comprimising on page layout by eliminating the processing of certain 'not so important tags'. This results in a faster diplay of the web page but misplacing some elements. Internet Explorer on the other hand is more reliable in terms of content delivery as comapred to other browsers like mozilla, netscape, firefox and Opera. The best subtitute for IE is Avant Browser. it registers it self as an IE type browser and works just like IE except that it offers some extra features including tabbed browsing.