Friday, February 25, 2005

Opera 8 Beta 2 Released

What a week ... first Firefox and now upgrade to Opera.

What is important to note that Gmail and Google Maps works flawlessly in this version, and Hotmail supposedly works better. The security fixes include Fix for IDN spoofing

The Final version of Opera 8 is expected to be released very soon by the end of this month.

Change Log
: Here
Download: Opera 8 Beta 2 (For Windows)
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Shuaib said...

A lots of activity in the browser world, eh!

Does any one use Opera? I mean with FireFox around, it would be a surprize that someone would prefer Opera as he/she quits the buggy I.E.

G3nu1n3 said...

Ok firefox fan boy ... i bet you would say the same about safari because probably you don’t use it :-)

Opera is quite stable and mature browser. It beats firefox in surfing speed any time. Opera is smaller, faster, more customizable and is a full featured package, you don't need to add extensions like in Firefox.

Firefox is free to use and catching up with the speed and performance wise. But because the browser is FREE so no one is worried if firefox don’t invent anything new or creative. All the features like tabbed browsing, inbuilt download manager, password manager ... firefox didn’t "invent" these. The features were present in opera since ages.

For a real surfer you should not close your eyes on a particular product, because you don’t like the interface or something else.

Firefox is a good product i use it everyday. But that does not mean that IE is evil or Opera is something that only nerds need to have their hands dirty with it.

Its very much like saying Linux is free why you use Windows. Every one have their reasons to use a product according to their needs requirements and likings.

Tabani said...

well i think rite now firefox is going great now a days, if u really use firefox and u know the functionality of firefox. i dont think that opera beat firefox or replace it. well browsers war doesnt stop because many people waiting for IE 7.0. so be patient and watch the browsers war..

Fahad Tabani
Griddex Solutions(

Anonymous said...

Watch out for SPIDER's March issue...

atrophying said...

I used to use Opera quite a lot pre-Firefox. I still use it for downloading, when the internet is quite dodgy, its the only browser that actually lets you re-start your downloads where you left them, Firefox usually restarts em from scratch. And yes, Opera IS the fastest browser around.

KO said...

It beats firefox in surfing speed any time.I prefer Opera, but firefox IS faster than opera when using an optimized build. See for example.

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats Opera's whole screen zoom. Quite simply no other browser is evenly remotely usable on my 15inch 1600/1200 Dell laptop. If your sight is anything less than 20/20 Opera will make a complete change in the way you 'see' the internet.