Monday, February 28, 2005

GMail Offers HTML View.

GMail has offered HTML view. (Not all users have it yet) You might ask ....

What's the difference between 'standard' view and 'plain HTML' view?

Standard view is what you'll see when you sign in to Gmail from a fully supported browser.In case you don't have access to a fully supported browser, you can now have access to Gmail using a basic HTML view, that is compatible with almost any browser. If you sign in to Gmail using a browser that isn't fully supported, you'll automatically be directed to the basic HTML view.

The basic HTML view is a little different than what you're used to because the following features aren't available are : Filter creation, Settings (Including Forwarding and POP), Spell checker, Keyboard shortcuts and Address auto-complete.

Here is how basic HTML views looks like : Preview.
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Microsoft, Yahoo Reportedly Ready To Link Instant-Messaging Services (TechWeb via Yahoo! News)
Microsoft and Yahoo are expected to announce Wednesday interoperability between each other's instant messaging service, a move that could dramatically change a market that's been dominated by America Online Inc., a newspaper reported.

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