Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Why blog?

Why do you blog? To gratify your ego, eliminate frustration or be a wannabe writer? Sounds cynical? This is what John C. Dvorak details in his latest article in PC Mag: The Blog Phenomenon.

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Merlinx said...

1. To belch and get it out of the system.
2. To confuse as many people as possible with experiences and ideas they'll probably have on their own or don't need.
3. To pretend I have an opinion about something.
4. To find excuses to tell myself I had a busy day.
5. To find excuses to make others believe I had a busy day.
6. To find excuses for procrastinating things I should be busy with all day.
7. To tell myself that this contributes to my 150+ IQ in some way.
8. To pick on other people when the satan in me sticks its horns out.
9. To add another entry into my upcoming hot new New York Times bestseller, "101 Habits of Successful Loiterers". (Slightly delayed until I stop loitering and pay attention to finishing it...)
10. To bring out the Shakespeare, Marlowe, Keats, blah, blah, blah, in me on the cheap.
11. To find a wonderful sense of achievement in life after doing all of the above. :-)