Monday, December 20, 2004

Google Launches "Print" Service

After putting Google Scholar on BETA, the search engine giant just announced another cool new service called Google Print.

Just do a normal search for anything related to a book, some books are included on the top of the search results.
Usually, only two or three books that match the searched item most will be displayed together with the authors and page numbers. If you follow the result links, you will find more information about the book, including the cover page, ISBN, bookshop informaiton and some pages (scanned image) from that book. As claimed by Google, if this book does not have copyright, you can read the entire book online. However, the main purpose of this Google Print service is to tell you how to find the book instead of providing the content of it.

The beta service seems to working for US based google servers for now. Screenshots and Example Query here


atrophying said...

didnt google launch this service back in october?

G3nu1n3 said...

October was the start of the publisher invitation, the user interface part has now being revamped in december after a "minimum" level of publishers response achieved.