Thursday, December 16, 2004

Firefox 2-page New York Times advertizement

You might have remembered the compaign launched by firefox people to gather enough money from donations to put up an advert in NYT. Well its due on December 16. If you donated more than 300$ you might see your name in the advert too.

Below is a preview and large scale image links: -

Here are the links to the high quality pics:

Visit: Press Release

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Jawwad Ahmed Minhas said...

That is a really big event for the Open Source Community in an environment of traditional Closed Source software. As per recent MozillaZine entries, a large majority of the native US people do not even know what a web browser is. They simply equate the Internet with AOL and Internet Explorer.

Mozilla's products are delivering the latest technologies with added safety, ease of use and a lot of innovative features.

As the news goes, even Sun is ready to offer its flagship Solaris 10 OS as an open source product. That is a very strong testamonial that open source is here to stay, for a long foreseeable future.

All the best guys, after all, millions of open minds cannot be wrong.