Thursday, December 09, 2004

All men with Laptops Read this ...

Thousands of men across the country will be crossing their legs and groaning in despair today when they learn that their trusted friend, the laptop computer, has become the latest threat to their manhood.

Just months after they were warned that carrying mobile phones in their pockets might damage their sperm count, men now have to absorb the news that laptops can similarly threaten their fertility.

Under the title "Increase in scrotal temperature in laptop computer users", researchers today reveal in the journal Human Reproduction that a combination of the heat generated by the computers and the position of the thighs needed to balance the machines leads to higher temperatures around men's genitals. Yefim Sheynkin, who led the research team from the State University of New York at Stonybrook, said it was possible that years of heavy laptop use "may cause irreversible or partially reversible changes in male reproductive function".

Until there was further research, teenage boys and young men might want to limit the use of computers on their laps, he said.


Merlinx said...

Gee I wondered who volunteered for this research?! :-)

Another great profession that has sprung up in the 21st century is research on all sorts of crazy subjects and notions.

shobz said...

its really hard to believe. these researchers have too much time on their hands. next they will claim that watching tv can drive a person insane or the xbox causes cancer. isnt it weird that these researchers make a claim and we find out later that it wasnt true. they are always finding new stuff. so i am sure that they will eventually find out that they were wrong.

Zunaira said...

You won't believe how sensational this news looked in the Urdu papers yesterday ;~)

Agree with both Shobz and Merl. Even research should have the benefit of doubt.

Know what? Its a handy bit to know when you want to warn your spouse off to "get off the net" ;~)

Merlinx said...

Yep, they are coming up with all sorts of whacko things to research these days like the effects of using the Net on the growth of warts. (Wait till the day toads start using the Net...) :-)) Reminds me of this strip in Dilbert a few months ago when Dogbert set up a company for selling tainted research.

Dear ZeD: I would recommend placing a sewing needle on your spouse's favorite chair where he sits to use the Net perpendicular to the plane of his seat. That will probably "get the point" across more effectively than quoting all this research that'll last about as long as a teen summer fashion! Hehe. Cheers! :-)

Zunaira said...

LOL! Will remember to do so ;~) Otherwise, there is always the reliable chaklabelan tactics that our grandma's have deployed over the years ;~) and pretty effectively too!

Anonymous said...

Dont just hint at the weaknesses gyz, right actions for the future are the best apologies! halla

Anonymous said...

Hakeem says: Does anybody know that why the testicles are placed outside the body? It is because low temperature favours Sperm Formation.
So the posture of your body and heat generated by the laptop can cause decrease in Sperm count leading to