Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Netscape 7.2

The newest version of Netscape is available for download here. But I still can't access my hotmail and gmail accounts with this one.


Aay Dee said...

Netscape 7.2 is superb and its fine with my hotmail and gmail as well.Issues might be facing due to going without updates of OS.

iFaqeer said...

Is there anything in Netscrape 7.2 that makes it a choice over Firefox (www.mozilla.org)?

atrophying said...

I havent found anything different in the new version of Netscape - it took ages to d/l and is just another version of Mozilla to me.

Badar Khushnood said...

I have been using Mosaic when Paknet (the then PTCL PDN) 1st introduced the so called graphical access to internet; a big move after a telnet based access back in '96.

Mosaic was later named Netscape and I have extensively used it till '02. Since then I moved to Mozilla and I think it is a true business-class browser & email client in open source environment.

Right now I have more than 4GB of emails (avg size / email: 1MB+) and Mozilla runs perfect! And the best thing about Mozilla (or Firefox + Thunderbird) is its way of saving ur emails on ur HDD and they way it handles attachments. Unlike Outlook which is extremely vulnerable to viruses, Mozilla is much more safe.

Though I do not have a Hotmail account (I am very happy to say that!) But I still do not have any problems accessing Hotmail or Gmail accounts using mozilla.

To enhance ur Mozilla experience, do not forget to check out Mozdev.org