Monday, November 29, 2004

Latest in Blogosphere

This is a pretty amusing read: The 10 Habits of Highly Annoying Bloggers. I must say that after going through these habits, I definitely consider myself an annoying blogger.

On a different note, has anyone noticed the new "Media" section on Orkut? This brief article (?) wonders if this is an Orkut blog minus comments.


Anonymous said...

I have often found the lack of commenting to be quite annoying as well. A commented interaction is unique to blogging and I think differentiates it from a regular web site.

Also, is "Life is Full of Surprises" your blog? I wanted to leave a comment on a post "Quizzes Galore" but it was not enabed. I dont know if I was annoyed or not, but I sure was not happy about it.

Rafay Bin Ali

Anonymous said...

not happy about being unable to share my point of view, that is


H.A. said...

Yep, that's my blog. I disabled commenting for some time to chase away a few irritating bloggers who were clogging up my comment box with offensive comments. As it happens, disabling commenting is the first habit of a highly annoying blogger.:)

Usman Shahzada said...

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Zunaira said...

It is entirely up to an author whether he/she invites feedback/criticsm/interaction on a webpage or blog. Of course, enabling comments has made this so much more exciting--who needs to go a message board? [though so many of us still do!]. I don't find it annoying when I can't comment. Though, its nice to find an email address , should I want to drop an email.

Anonymous said...

I remember coming across a blog I really liked which had absolutely no means of interacting with the blogger - no comment box, no tag board, not even an email address. I got through to her from a contact link on one of the web rings where her blog was added and requested her to put something on her which we could use to comment on her entries. Being able to comment is definitely one of the pros of blogging, but of course when some people misuse that facility, there is no choice but to chase them away by disabling it.