Wednesday, October 06, 2004

SMW3 Outage - Monday 11th October 2004

PTCL has informed its customers that there will be an outage of four (4) hours on the SMW-3 submarine optical fiber system on 11th October, 2004 from 0300 hrs to 0700 hrs. The outage, conveyed on 5th October 2004, has been attributed to an emergency repair work that must be carried out.

FLAG customers (another service sold by PTCL) will additionally face an outage on 7th October 2004 from 0300 hrs to 0330 hrs as announced by PTCL.

The last major planned outage was in October 2003 which lasted for days (but luckily, alternate satellite bandwidth was procured and we were saved from a complete blackout). This, however, renews the urge for having more satellite gateways in Pakistan, preferably in the private sector. Commissioning of the SMW-4 cable (which will be an alternate path for International connectivity) would also contribute towards adding to the stability of the system.

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