Saturday, October 30, 2004

Cybernet Home DSL

Cybernet has finally started it's home DSL service.

64K ...Rs 1570 or $26
128K ...Rs 2270 or $37
256K ...Rs 3770 or $62
Setup: Rs. 6500 including installation and modem.

They say this bandwith is shared between 4 users. It is uncapped, I specifically asked them about this. 64K will give 8kbps downloads, 128k 16kbps and 256 32kbps.

I told them I am currently using WorldCall, and why should I switch to Cybernet, he asked me to please not to compare cybernet to Worldcall. He did say Cybernet is a lot faster. About quality of service, he said cybernet will email at least one week before any planned downtime, which is currently only once a year, and will also email if due to ther factors the internet will be slow for a while. They also have 24hr phone support and home support also.

I don't know about the coverage area, but they are giving connections in some parts of Karachi. I am getting one, so will have both WorldCall and Cybernet for 2-3 months (as I've paid WC in advance) so will compare/contrast these two services and post my findings here. My one concern is my phone lines, both of which were not working for 9 straight months, but a few hundred complaints later they finally started working a week back. The bad thing about DSL is that it goes through PTCL, who are not to bothered about noisy or non-working lines. At least with cable the network is in the hands of the provider. Regardless, on Monday (1st Nov) I'm signing up for a 128K DSL connection - will post about the process here. Does anyone know if Supernet or anyone else is also about to start home DSL services? If I sign up to Cybernet and later on want to switch to another (cheaper) dsl provider then will I have to pay the full installation amount again?


Teeth Maestro said...

The rates seem affordable - and i think i might take a dip into it rather then wait for Worldcall to come down my alley (Mohd Ali Society) - am already paying 1500 daytime usage to SuperNet with decent speed (im satisfied there) so a test 64K speed for sometime doesnt sound too bad

KO keep us posted on its progress - I have followed your WC experinces quite closely

KO said...

Originally Posted by memon01 at the WorldCall forums:
ok here's the info ive had for a bit. Cyber is looking to take on the competition (aka worldcall) head on. I had a frank discussion with them that they need to consider us downloaders who consume 80% of the total bandwidth in the system. Do you know what they said ? they said our aim is to ensure you, the user, dont need to download anything. I said that would be quite difficult considering the amount we download. The reply was simple - they have decided to devote 4TB to 5TB of storage dedicated for this.

They are also looking at a model by which all members will be allowed to post the url for any file they want downloaded and they will download it themselves and post it locally for the user. That way they can equalize bandwidth usage to give QoS and it would be their value added service solution. they are also looking at setting up gaming servers.

The DSL service will also be linked with the service offering in Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Multan and two or three other cities which i cant remember (yes they are already equipped to offer this service in these cities as well).

Sikander said...

DSL is still expensive for the average home user like me. I hope the new DSL providers will encourage healthy competition and users like me will have access to high speed internet at affordable rates in the near future (but then again, i'm hoping against hope!) Also, these data and volume based packages provided by these ISP's and the bandwidth sharing etc. is quite confusing for the home users, the hourly or monthly based plans are so easy to understand! Also, I hope that Spider includes an article in a future issue about the difference between ISDN, DSL, Broadband, WiFi, and all the other forms (if any) of internet access around, that would be really helpful because most of us just know two types of internet access, "dialup" and "high speed access-only meant for the people of rich foreign countries like America and Europe" ........and many people don't even know the latter exists!

Tee Emm said...

Or you could wait for the Broadband policy that is to be announced (reportedly) in December '04. Majority of the players are in a wait-and-see state. The policy is expected to lower the PTCL fixed fee (for access of its copper line to the DSL operator) from Rs 600 per month to Rs 50 per month (or at least the providers are pleading for this much reduction). This will lower the entry cost barrier further.

Rs 500 per month for 64 kbps DSL is what the industry is agreeing to as a price that could kick off mass adoption.

But almost everyone is still missing the basic point - DSL isn't DSL unless the contents get local and the DSL providers get local IP interconnects at the exchange level. This is where gaming, P2P and VC stuff kicks in - but sure this is not going to happen on the mutant DSL we have today.

Merlinx said...

The rates won't cause indigestion but I am still skeptical about what kind of service anyone will get when the country's total bandwidth is like around 300 Mbps. It's kind of like the first cable ISPs that popped up who were giving people cable connections from their homes to the cable service shop -- and the cable service shops were actually on dialup back there!

The math just doesn't fit together. If some ISP is offering 64 Kbps (shared b/w 4 users) and say the ISP signs up 1000 DSL subscribers that means they have a total bandwidth of (64/4) x 1000 = 16,000 Kbps or 16 Mbps reserved just for DSL connections. And this is without taking into account the bandwidth requirements for 128 or 256Kbps subscribers.

It's not the rates I am wondering about. Will someone tell me where is all this bandwidth coming from to suddenly start offering all these high-speed connections? Do our ISPs have 30/40/50 Mpbs pipes (which are ridiculously low bandwidths for broadband ISPs)? ...when our whole country has < 300 Mpbs? Or am I mistaken about some facts here?

Maybe we should ask these budding broadband ISPs one simple question: "How much total bandwidth does your ISP have?"

Augie said...

Cyber DSL for home users does sounds like an attractive package and the rates are'nt that different from WC, though comparing cable to dsl is not wise. Just the number of shared users and the fact that it's uncapped speak alot for itself. Those working for are quite confident that this service is going to be a big hit. Personally I'd trust more than WC which has has performance issues since the beginning. I'm not an inovator and i usually wait for people to try something out and then get it for myself so I`ll wait and check this space for more reviews.

Anonymous said...

Why the hell DSL SERVICES does not provide in NORTH KARACHI EXCHANGE
this is not fair
and we dont have dsl in our exchange north karachi
then dsl is expensive for us
if someone want dsl in our area then he need 10 or 15 thouands rupees for dsl for geting dsl in our area

Anonymous said...

where's the north karachi exchange? North Nazimabad you mean?

Intel said...

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Anonymous said...

Dancom sucks hard.

Anonymous said...

KO, do you know if one can get the Cybernet DSL in Defence Phase 1? I'm going to be in Karachi for 3 weeks and would like to get a tmp connection if possible. The cable service six months back was terrible. Is there a one time set up cost? Thanks, Nadeem.

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