Thursday, October 14, 2004

Blogging to Learn

This is a very interesting paper detailing how blogging can be used in the educational process to enhance learning. Its abstract reads:

"There are claims of over 500,000 blogs published on the Internet. What is a blog and how could it be integrated into pedagogical practices to enhance learning? This paper will introduce the blogging phenomenon and present some options for educators. Some theoretical principles and guidelines for practice will be presented, along with some
further resources for exploring the blog-o-sphere and creating a blog for either personal publishing or to be integrated into pedagogical strategies."


Rafay Bin Ali said...
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Rafay Bin Ali said...

The digital content proliferation is just amazing. However, I fail to understand the whole craze about things like blogs and now e-books. After all, such things are just a renovated attempt to rejuvente the web publishing that started with HTML in 1995 (or sometime around that). As far as the blog goes, again its just a re-engineering of the whole HTML and WWW home page concept.

The e-books concept (again based on HTML and WWW publishing), in my opinion, has been specifically used to tap into the business opportunities that the wired world offers. According to market research firms, books are the second most sold item on the Net; software being the first. And it is also precisely why e-books are loved by businesses. Wired users are familiar with the advantages that the electronic products have. It is by associating these advantages with books –second most sold item on Internet- that a new business model is gradually emerging. By adding e-books to their existing product catalog, giants such as Amazon and Barnes & Nobles ( have found an effective advertising and marketing channel.

Dont get me wrong. I think blogs and e-books are wonderful means to spread education, awareness, etc. etc. HOwever, I just wonder if there is more to blogs and e-books....

Raheel Rahim said...

I completely agree! Blogs can be used an an effective educational tool. Me, along with some of my friends use blog to interact and exchange notes and other study related stuff. Its related to B.Com and the address is .

I would also request for the publish of adress of this blog in spider, as B.Com examinations are close and this blog might help students.

Raheel Boricha.
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