Thursday, September 02, 2004

A Whole City Going Wi-Fi

And not just some small city, mind you. CNN reports in this article, that the city of Philadephia is considering providing wireless internet access over 136 square miles! It will either be free, or significantly cheaper than commercial broadband that is currently available. One of the aims is to make high-speed internet cheap (or free) for poor neighborhoods. They're planning to install their transmitters on lampposts.

That reminds me of a company I interviewed with once -- Metricom. In those days, Wi-Fi and GPRS were unheard of. 3G cellular technology was just beginning to make some news. Metricom would install their transmitters on lampposts too, and provide 128K of bandwidth. But then the world caught up to Metricom. They filed for bankruptcy in 2001.


Hammad said...

Going Wireless is familiar to recieve SUNLIGHT without any connection if it is done in technically then we are tending our selfs to the better and comfortable future.

Secondly, going internet wireless is the next big thing in next 20 years...... as soon as it achieves success it will be expected in Pakistan too, as the IT minister are much active in spreading such thing compared to other matters,

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Zunaira said...

Wireless vendors in New York are also stepping up their efforts and intend to use traffic lights to set up their base stations. I hear Met folks aren't too happy about that since it means more exposure to microwave signals.

Notice how even the Karachi skyline is now a clutter of billboards, boosters and unsightly antennas.