Monday, September 06, 2004

Solar Powered Computers

Two weeks ago, it was InfoThelas. Now, India is planning to power computers with solar energy in villages where there is either no power or frequent power failures.

Solar energy instead of KESC, anyone?


Syed Munawwar Ali said...

haa haa haa,
what a surprise news to get rid from KESC,this is true that everyone has bothered of KESC,Now there must be a need of such type of solar enery like u mentioned in your blog so that everyone will go on the roadmap of prosperity and ease.

Moiz Khan said...

Well this is a vert good idea. if it can be made a little cheaper and affordacle. I was thinking on the same lines to get a permanent source of power atleast for my computer. coz i am too weary of power shutdowns.

Teeth Maestro said...

Hey Solar power - please dont !!! - once KESC hears of this they will establish taxes for Solar Power - can you imagine that presently the govt taxes u if you generate your own power with your own generator - you are at a loss both ways - you pay KESC and also for diesel - Where can they stop - Solar energy cant stop them either