Sunday, September 05, 2004

Political blog?

Unfortunately not yet! This article on BBC News claims that politicians still have a long way to go where blogs are concerned.


Zunaira said...

Ya know H, they've predicted grassroot mobilization for every 21st century technological miracle from SMS to blogs. Not every one wants to blog for politics and not all messages sent via SMS are calling for a revolution. So in a way, Bill Thompson, my favorite web columnist, is right.

But don't tell me it doesn't help people like spider and average joe's who finally have an outlet all to themselves, without producers, editors, and CEOs looking over what they have to say to anyone who cares to listen. In that instance, blogs become a revolution. But a million miles to go before we truly realise their potential.

For now, people need to blog, not just about 'life' and 'stress' but with specific subjects in mind. We need good writing from Pakistan, as much as possible.

H.A. said...

Thanks to my cable, I've already lost the comment I wrote to this post.

Anyway, yep Zunaira, I definitely agree that blogs are perhaps the best outlet for unrestrained expression for most people. And the fact that it escapes formal editing makes it all the more attractive for people with diverse opinions.

Maybe I'll re-start blogging after all!