Tuesday, September 21, 2004

More evidence of a Google browser

On April 26, 2004, Google registered gbrowser.com. Here's the relevent bit of the WHOIS for gbrowser.com:
Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View
94043 US

Domain Name: gbrowser.com

Very interesting. Now all Google needs is a instant messenger... a web based word processor and a few other bits and pieces and one could live in a entirely google world. There's more speculation at Slashdot.


Salman Siddiqui said...

They should have launched a Google instant messenger along with their beta release of Gmail. I'm all for google domination.

shobz said...

yeah sure. let google dominate the world. thats like hey "lets throw another monster in the ring while we are at it.". i dont think google will dominate everything. it needs a lot of capital and services which arent in beta testing. sometimes i get sick and tired of orkut,gmail and blogger. its been more than a year or more and google news is still beta. orkut hasnt left the beta womb while gmail has a lot of bugs. i lost my blog template thanks to some bug in blogger's system. they had the nerve to ask me to restore it myself. if they were really that good they wouldnt be still in beta testing. fine i can understand that they have to find bugs but there is no software which can be bug free. google services have a million bugs. surely they could have found most of them a long time back. there are at least a million users.

next thing u know we will have an even more buggier browser and instant messenger. they will entice us with a lot of "hot" features but in the end we will be left holding the short end of the stick. its the quality of the service which really matters and not the quantity. we just hate microsoft so much that we are willing to try anyother service. i believe that google still has to make a difference. gmail is a novelty but i still use it. however it sucks sometimes.

Zunaira said...

I don't want to live in a Googlespace!! Who needs another Microsoft?