Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Microsoft To Sell Win XP Starter Edition In Russia

Microsoft plans to distribute in Russia the low-cost, stripped-down version of Windows XP, called 'Starter Edition.' This release of Windows is aimed at markets in developing nations, and is known for not allowing more than three aplications to run at the same time and not being networking capable. This product will not be avaiable on retail, but will be distributed by OEM vendors in new PCs, at an aproximate price of US$36. On a side note, the article also states that the MS tax payed by vendors to Microsoft for Windows XP licenses is $70 or more.

Now if only Microsoft had also removed internet access, they would have actually gotten a good sight closer to a truly secure OS! The real question is when will they set up shop in Pakistan? Though 36 dollars is still way to expensive, especially for the limited features this offers. The interesting thing is, considering your average pc is running a ton of spyware/adware programs, even a new installation of this windows will be rendered unusable in about 2 minutes or so of being on the internet. It'll reach the program limit and then... and then what? Since spyware can't be terminated easily, and you won't be able to run an anti-spyware cleaner (remember, 3 programs only) the only remaining is a reinstall every three minutes! Tech support around the world are already cursing Microsoft for this smart move...


Teeth Maestro said...

My personal opinion such steps by microsoft to sell stripped down version is crap it does not solve the piracy problem. How can you beat a Rs. 30 CD (with tons of software) compared to a $36 CD and that too a stripped down version - I doubt thats the answer.

Micrsoft offers full software versions to academic students in the US for dirt cheap prices, cant they implement those prices here, its better then getting nothing. This solution of a striped down version is crap - I ain't falling for it

Anonymous said...

Yep. Quite true. In the U.S. students at universities get things like MS Office for a dollar because software is heavily subsidized for academic use. I do agree that Microsoft needs to start putting Windows into the "boxes" at the source if they want to effectively combat piracy i.e. include OEM versions and install them at the point of sale. One can either rule with love or with fear; the way I see it Microsoft can walk two paths. Either they can wipe out piracy by brute force (fear) and if they can't do that, they better come up with some good reasons why someone would want to spend a penny more for their licensed software if it can be obtained pirated (love). But I don't think strategy with this so called stripped down version will rock; too much ego bruising for one. I always thought XP Home was "stripped down" compared to XP Pro. This version sounds more like the "Butt-naked" version of XP rather than stripped down. :-)
- Merinx