Sunday, September 05, 2004

Happy Birthday Internet!

Yup, the Net turned 35 on September 2. Here's a short commentary on some of the good stuff it has given us.


Teeth Maestro said...

Yikes - 35 years - and it has changed our lives - Beware -

Allow yourself for a moment to step out of your shoes to reflect back on these 35 years - there are a few changes -

You now are ALWAYS available courtesy mobile phones - you cant even spend one moment of peace without anyone bugging you. Turn your cell phone OFF for a change.

You are now bombarded with information overload - with the internet how much information can you absorb im sure there is a limit on how much the brain can absorb.

You are forever running out of time - every person here literally belives he/she has no time to spare - please relax time is for you to cherish.

Look back and reflect - maybe these 35 years is a bad influence and not for the better as we have started to believe it to be - 1000 years into the future people might rekon this age as the info overload - too much info absorbed in too short of time - SLOW DOWN

PS - dont worry im no angel - I am also a part of the same mess

Zunaira said...

Teeth Master: Mobile phones bug us, emails haunt us, phone lines are always down when you need them and we are on the run constantly...

That's one way to look at it. Ultimately you have to decide which emails deserve your time and whom to pass out your mobile number to. Ah well, that doesn't help when your boss wants it ;)

: 21st century's biggest challenge. Why do you think these self-help books outsell encyclopedias, eh?