Friday, September 03, 2004

CDMA2000 1X Data Services Come to Pakistan

Telecard has launched what is the first CDMA2000 1X Data Service in Pakistan. Using its digital CDMA2000 platform which offers fixed (land line) telephone services topped with digital services like VMS, SMS etc, Telecard is now offering Internet services to its WLL customers.

The users can buy scratch cards from retail outlets for use with their CDMA 1X terminals. The connection is portable and offers a better-than-dialup experience to the users. Due to the regulatory fact that Telecard is a WLL license holder, the service is currently not available through a CDMA PC card that could slide into the notebooks of the roadwarrior although there is technically no bar in having that available. The product is similar to the GPRS service provided by Ufone, one of the cellular service provider but the user experience is far superior as GPRS service is limited to 20 kbps while the CDMA2000 1X users can experience up to 153 kbps (bundle of 17 channels of 9.6 kbps each) while using Internet.

In the next upgrade which is already underway with the help of Lucent's solution, Karachittes would be able to enjoy the upgraded version of CDMA2000 EVDO which offers an average 600 kbps of end user experience over the same infrastructure.

The cellular coverage is currently out-door only and is somewhat patchy with the network rolled out keeping in view the voice aspect of the business. However, as the company puts up more base stations, coverage is expected to get better.


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Anyone else wondering what kind of regulation prevents easy access and use of technology?