Friday, August 13, 2004

Spectrum Auction Results Start Pouring In

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has started putting up the results of the on-going Frequency Spectrum Auction Results on its website.

World Call and Telecard are the only two companies besides PTCL that are actively bidding in the juicy 1.9 GHz Frequency which is used in the Wireless Local Loop for voice services. Results so far show that four companies that are actively bidding (and winning) the auctions in the four Telecom Regions for which the bidding has taken place so far have placed Rs 3,582 million in the bag of PTA. Winning price (for each of the party, at each of the region) is as follows:

GTR: 295m (TCL/PTC/WC)LTR: 353m (PTC/WC/DVC)CTR: 121m (PTC/WC/DVC)FTR: 425m (PTC/TCL/WC)

[TCL: Telecard Limited, PTC: Pakistan Telecommunication Co Ltd, WC: World Call Limited, DVC: DV Com Limited]

3.5 GHz slots are going relatively cheap but it is good to see that the slot is being actively pursued by the various smaller players such as Internet Service Providers and startup Data Communication providers. This spectrum will play a very important role in furthering the cause of BWA (Broadband Wireless Access) across Pakistan as most WiMax (802.16) systems can use this licensed band to deliver interference free wireless services to large geographical areas.

Auctions for other regions will continue till the third week of August, 2004. Stay tuned.


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