Saturday, July 24, 2004

Govt. broadband policy roll out on August 14?

Once again, the Pakistan government is going to take a whack at creating a internet policy. Let's see what they cook up in August. Any suggestions? What should they be aiming at?

On the flip side: You know, most countries seem to get by just fine without any govt. broadband policies. It would probably be cheaper for local isp's to get together and spend the 50-100 million dollars or so it'll take to lay a undersea cable once and for all and just do away with the ridiculous fees they pay currently to ptcl and for satellite internet. that would make an interesting analysis...

Interesting factoid: A typical university dorm in the West at one of the better places has many many many many many times the bandwidth of Pakistan. And if you wander into their labs, a single pc there is going to have more than Pakistan's bandwidth also! (at least a single pc connected to the Internet2).

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Also see this google search.

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Zunaira said...

I think Awais sitting in Islamabad has to offer something on August on 14. The govt's biggest claim to fame is connecting 1800 cities [cough, cough-spills her tea!]. Broadband is pipping hot and the govt needs to show its support--or seem to be doing something to help its 'spread'. Perhaps, this is too far fetched an explanantion?

TM's observation that more DSL operators would not mean lower costs should be addressed by such a policy. That's where the govt and the ISPs can work.

Better customer service simply because their is more competition is a nice theory. What, pray tell, is the level of service of so many ISPs already in operation? Poor!!