Monday, June 14, 2004

Telecom Deregulation - What to Expect

PTA is all set to award licenses to the scrutnized applications (there are around 90 odd companies that have applied) for the LDI and LL operations in the forth week of June 2004.

With the LDI and LL operations finally spilling beyond the hands of mom PTCL, there is just too much in the air of what will happen and how would the end-users of voice and Internet be affected.

Here is an imaginative 'expected' menu:

  • Cheap voice-calling cards for International use.

  • Cheap voice-calling cards for Local long-distance use.

  • Options for getting a fixed-line phone from someone besides PTCL.

  • Options for using a PTCL fixed-line phone but making all long-distance and international calls thru a chosen service provider

  • Fixed-rate International/US numbers delivered over IP platforms.

  • Cheaper Internet bandwidth for end-users (lower DSL rates and higher data rates)

  • Nicer customer care by the new LDI and LL operators. Pretty faces trying to compansate for the fledging networks that take some rest every now and then!...and of course,

  • More dug up and unpatched roads

  • Same old, powerful, evil line-man for the PTCL customers

  • More operating and financial confusions for the end users

  • More lucrative telecom jobs (ummmm...)

What else...use comments to add more to the above that you could think of.

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