Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Broadband Policy - What's Worth Looking For

Microsoft PDC opening ceremony brought Leghari to Karachi and had him announce that some sort of a new broadband policy is about to be announced.

With the DDSL (latest technology Desi DSL, brought to you by the current matrix of PTCL, DSL operators and the government policies) greeting those who could afford the high cost of DSLs for home use with a paltry 128 kbps Internet throughput, one of the most important thing worth watching in the policy would be whether the 'unbundling' of the PTCL cables for DSL uses without any obligation is allowed to all licensed ISPs or not.

Of course, this will not help better the prices of the current DSL offerings nor would this help remove any of the existing DSL problems. Still, the consumers will have a larger number of service providers to ask for the service, more competition and better customer services.

The second thing to watch out is whether the policy mandates high-speed interconnects between the DSL operators or not. In case it does, the immediate benefit would be 'cheap inter DSL operator' bandwidth being available to the DSL users. Essentially, this mean that while users of (say) Dancom DSL and WOL DSL will still be having a meager 128 kbps Internet throughput, they can at least enjoy video conferencing with each other at a good 768 kbps, swap files faster or play a high-bandwidth network games.

Local content hosting, too, could get a boost.


Salman Siddiqui said...

So would we be seeing Supernet offering DSL services now then?


shobz said...

i cant understand why they cant make it easier for us. these greedy buggers just wanna make a short term profit. do they actually think that consumers will pay a shit load of money for a lousy 128 k connection? i have a 1.5 mb broadband connection which only costs me around 55 singaporean dollars per month. thats like ten times the speed being offered by worldcall.

wakie wakie people. we shall never get a proper broadband service. we shall have to fork over loads of cash in order to get something. so unless we do something really drastic we shall never have a proper access.