Saturday, October 25, 2003

Or maybe we can have a few suggestions....:)

Here are some things I would like to see in Spider (I have subscribed only in June 2003 so I have no clue if these have already been covered):

Interview with an O’Level/A’Level high achiever: to what extent did they use the Internet for their studies (if they did at all); what do they feel about the Internet as a study guide, did they look up the websites in the syllabus? – Something on those lines to make it relevant to SPIDER. There are quite a few people this year who have received a world-highest distinction – how about getting their numbers from British Council and going about it?

Something on email hoaxes: common email hoaxes, about all those things which will supposedly happen if you do not forward it, where to go and search whether the email is legitimately from Microsoft or AOL (it hardly ever is) and it would be interesting to actually ask some people and print their responses: why do they forward such mails? Do they really believe in them or the threats? Even the webmasters of the websites about email hoaxes can be approached for their opinion. (In fact, I’d like to do this one, if it hasn’t been covered).

This I guess will have to come from an expert in the field. How about a piece of career advice for those looking to join the IT field? Something on how to gauge whether or not one has the aptitude or right attitude to go in this field, pre-requisite subjects, how to choose the area to specialize in (hardware engineering, software designing, website development etc.). How to make the right choice of the IT institution to join, what is the scope of the different fields of specialization, and which are the areas in which our country actually needs experts.

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